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Why E-Cigarettes are the Safe Future

E-cigarettes: The Future of Smoking!

Today, driving without a seat belt seems unnecessarily reckless – after all, how hard is it to put one on?  Before long, e-cigarettes may have us saying the same in regards to using tobacco-based ones – why not use the safer, healthier alternative?  It was 1960 when car manufacturers made driver and passenger seat belts standard.  It was 1968 before it was mandated for all seats in the car.  The first legal standing on seat belt usage – 1984!  With all the thousands of lives that could be saved, we can only hope that it doesn’t take decades for people to realize how much safer e-cigarettes are when compared to tobacco-based ones.

Society has become increasingly health and environmentally conscious over the course of the past few decades, and none too soon at that.  We are realizing that processed, overly-manufactured products may not be great for our bodies – that we are subjecting ourselves to unnecessary chemicals, bi-products, and toxins on a daily basis.  Not only that, we are wasting more resources than necessary in the process, making it difficult for the planet to recuperate and continue to provide us with what we need.  Thankfully, we have realized healthier ways to eat, drink, and conduct our daily lives.  E-cigarettes are just one more way we are saying, “No,” to unhealthy practices and, “Yes,” to a better, safer way of life.

While people may have not known the extremely adverse affects of tobacco smoke when cigarettes became highly popular in the early 20th century, it wasn’t long into the 21st century that warning labels were put in bold words across every single package, alerting consumers that their habit was not just unhealthy, but deadly.  Public opinion started to turn and bans on smoking began to sprout up all across the globe.  But people still enjoy smoking.  And now, that’s ok because smokeless, vapor producing e-cigarettes don’t contain the myriad of carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.  They produce no choking smoke, no burning ash, and no waste.  They are a cleaner, greener, healthier way to smoke that won’t stain your fingers and teeth, won’t cause a lingering smoky odor around you, and won’t cause you to be ousted from public spaces or homes when you want to light up.

As a society, we are never settled with “good enough.”  If we were, we’d still be driving the Model-T.  It worked, but thankfully people didn’t stop trying to improve on what already existed, ready to make the next breakthrough and develop something that could potentially be even more life changing and consumer friendly.  It’s in our nature to continue to grow, learn, and develop new ways to make our lives better.  Technology has finally caught up to one of our oldest habits and even though they have only been on the market a few years, we are already seeing the huge benefits that come from using electronic cigarettes.

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