Name: James Knight
Title: Brilliant, Future Cigarettes helped me a lot!

Before I had my baby I was a ’20 a day’ man, when she came though, I realized I needed to change. I tried to give up smoking completely to no avail. Many people recommended Electronic Cigarettes. I gave the ones at ‘Future Cigarettes’ a whirl and was blown away by them. Now I can smoke safely knowing that my child is not being harmed by those fumes!

Name: Ben Wright

Title: This really is the future of Smoking!

Let’s be honest, smoking isn’t healthy. Most of us cannot give up though, or I know I can’t. I have tried, but nothing! Future Cigarettes have helped me out a ton though. These nifty electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, which means I am hardly damaging my body when I use them. I have even managed to cut down my intake since trying these. You really do need to try them!

Name: Carly Lonsdale

Title: Finally, I can smoke in the pub again!

When the laws in the United Kingdom came in that forbade smoking in public places I was devastated. This was because I frequented pubs, but I smoked….a lot! With Future Cigarettes I don’t have to worry any more. Their awesome cigarettes are completely legal to smoke in public places. Now I can smoke in a pub once more without needing to go outside in that blistering cold.

Name: Oliver Jenkins

Title: Electronic Cigarettes from Future Cigarettes have saved me money!

Smoking is an expensive habit, especially if you are getting through a pack a day. My friends turned me to the idea of Electronic Cigarettes, and I must say, these are a true god send. They have cut down my smoking costs by around 75% a week. This is a HUGE amount! I haven’t even faltered on the amount that I smoke a day. I know these could help me quit smoking all together, so I expect to save even more in the future.

Name: Lisa Gates

Title: I have finally given up smoking all together!

If you have tried nicotine patches then you will know that they do not always work. Well, they did not work for me at least. My doctor suggested that I use electronic cigarettes. I was glad he did. The ones that I purchased from Future Cigarettes are absolutely fantastic! They cut down my nicotine intake completely over a short amount of time. I was also safe in the knowledge that I was no longer doing any harm to my body.

Name: Jodie Stephens

Title: The best Electronic Cigarettes I have ever tried!

I have tried a ton of Electronic Cigarettes. Some brilliant, some not so brilliant (i.e. the ones that you can pick up in convenience stores).  In my opinion though, nothing comes close to the quality that Future Cigarettes offer. They feel absolutely fantastic in your mouth….exactly the same as the real thing. They also have a ton of awesome flavours available, which is always good. They are pretty cheap to buy too. You need to check these out.

Name: Laura Howard

Title: Future Cigarettes….The best out there?

If you have tried to give up smoking before and failed then I suggest you look into the idea of Electronic Cigarettes. I have used multiple brands, but Future Cigarettes are the best. They are absolutely perfect for the person that wants to cut down smoking completely. It gives you that smoking experience that we all crave, but none of the health problems. I was able to quit in just a couple of weeks. I am sure you will be able to too!

Name: Benjamin Darby

Title: Fantastic Company to work with

I was recommended Future Cigarettes by a friend, and I am glad they did! This is without a doubt one of the best ‘Electronic Cigarette’ companies out there. They offer a speedy delivery service and a huge array of products, all at a VERY cheap price. I will not be using anybody else for my electronic cigarette needs again.

Name: Terry Mills

Title: The best tasting electronic cigarettes around.

I had tried electronic cigarettes in the past, but I was turned off by their awful taste. I think it was because I was buying them from stores, not online. I went back to normal smoking. One day though my friend let me try one that she bought from Future Cigarettes. It tasted…amazing! Seriously, it replicated the flavour of smoking properly for real. I went straight on their website and put a big selection of them. I have not turned back since.

Name: Rob Elliott

Title: Some of the cheapest Electronic Cigarettes out there

When you normally hear the word ‘cheap’ it is not going to be good. It makes you think that things are going to be low quality. I am pleased to say that is NOT the case with Future Cigarettes. This company provides some of the best electronic cigarettes out there, all at a VERY low price. I have saved almost 60% off my standard ‘cigarette’ budget. When you know how much I smoke, you will realize that this is a LOT of money.

Name: Therese Macey

Title: I finally kicked the habit with Future Cigarettes

I know, I know. Electronic Cigarettes are not always going to help you kick the awful smoking habit. They managed to help me though. Within weeks I had drastically reduced the amount that I was smoking. Within three or so months I had kicked the habit all together. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Future Cigarettes so thanks guys!

Name: Paul Roberts

Title: Brilliant Service from Future Cigarettes

I have ordered a lot of electronic cigarettes online. Mostly because I want to check out the various brands out there. I must say, I am going to be sticking with Future Cigarettes from now on. Not only do they offer a better quality product than the other companies out there, but they were the ONLY ones which actually delivered when they said they were going to deliver. I must say, their discounted prices are quite good too. Top marks to you guys!

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