Flowermate Mouthpiece

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Flowermate Glass Mouthpiece:

  • Made from pyrex, high spec borosilicate glass

Flowermate Silicone Mouthpiece:

  • Made from the highest grade medical silicone. highly durable and resistant to drops and spills.

Mouthpieces for:

  • Flowermate V5.0s Mini
  • Flowermate V5-Nano
  • Flowermate V.50-V.50s Pro

Flowermate mouthpieces are one of the essential vape parts to keeping your Flowermate Vaporizers/Vape Pens in top condition, whether it be for dry herb or wax.

Flowermate accessories offer a range of mouthpieces, from glass, silicone to pyrex all at a great price point helpful for the everyday consumer.

For the connoisseur of vape, it is vital to keep the vape fresh, clean and regularly changed. Regularly changing mouthpieces ensures a smooth, clean and tasty vape all day long and provides the very best in vaping experiences.

Mouthpieces simply unscrew and re-screw for easy servicing. If your mouthpiece gets stuck try a little hot water to dispell any grime.

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