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  • Sale! VC2 Charger Xtar

    XTAR Charger VC2

    £ 18.00 £ 15.00
  • Ecig MC1 USB Charger

    Xtar MC1 USB Charger

    £ 6.45
  • XTAR MC2 Charger

    Xtar MC2

    £ 10.00

    XTAR MC2 Charger Main Features

    • Two Battery Bays
    • Dual Charging or single charging
    • Accepts a full range of batteries from 10440-26650
    • Powered by micro USB
    • Safety – 1-year warranty. Over Charge Protection. Reverse polarity. Temperature monitoring and control. Short circuit protection. Fire resistance.
    • IMR/INR/ICR/NCR and Button/Flat Top Batteries compatible
    • LED Digital Display shows battery percentage and progress
    • Output 0.25A x 2, 0.5 x 2
    • Input – DC 5V / 1A
    • 6V/3.7V compatibility
    • Cut off 4.20V
    • Made from high strength fire resistant ABS plastic
    • Auto-stop charging on a full charge
    • Advanced three-stage charging to ensure maximum battery life
    • On board computer automatically choose the best current.

    * Lithium-ion Batteries sold separately.

  • Sale! Xtar PB2 Blue Charger Powerbank

    XTAR PB2 (Blue) Powerbank & Battery Charger

    £ 18.00 £ 14.00

    XTAR PB2 Charger & Powerbank (Dark Blue)

    PB2 Key Features

    • Pocket friendly, portable and small size
    • Standalone Powerbank
    • Standalone 18650 Li-ion Flat Top (unprotected) Charger. 2A CC (Charge current)
    • Replaceable and interchangeable 18650 batteries – Unlimited amount of charge
    • Up to 7000 mAh from 2 batteries
    • Dual battery bay
    • Can charge almost all phones fully in less than 2 hours.
    • Can charge a single 18650 in less than 90 minutes
    • 1 year guarantee and all the safety seals that XTAR is accustomed too – RoHS, CE, CPIC and FC.
    • Ergonomic easy grip design and magnetic clip
    • 2 Charging speeds
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Micro USB and Standard USB
    • 0-100 Digital Display Power Percentage (One digit flashes on charging)

    *18650 batteries not included.

  • Sale! XTAR PB2s Black Powerbank

    XTAR PB2S (Black) Powerbank

    £ 18.00 £ 15.50

    Top-quality power banks from the flawlessly high-quality XTAR. Built to last and built to be the most superior power banks in their class. Look no further than the XTAR PB2s.

    XTAR PB2s Features

    • Charger and power bank
    • Compatible with – 18650 batteries (unprotected/protected button top/flat top batteries), 18700, 20700, 21700 (Unprotected Lithium Flat Top Batteries)
    • Double battery bays
    • Varying charging speeds
    • 6V/3.7V – 5v 2A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A
    • Li-io/IMR/INR/ICR
    • Digital display
    • Fast charging QC3.0 PD3.0
    • Store up to 10000mAh
    • Built in ribbon for easy battery removal
    • Ultra-portable, fast charging time, and able to hold and charge a range of batteries.
    • USB output to handle both standard USB -A and USB-C.
    • The sturdy build makes the PB2s shockproof, dustproof and drop-proof.
    • A magnetic cover adds to the solid build at this price point giving portable power wherever you go. Not just a battery charger but a means to power in any location.
    • Easy grip rubber design
    • Three stage charging
  • Sale! VC2s Xtar Charger

    Xtar VC2s

    £ 20.00 £ 18.75
    • Can operate as a standalone power bank with batteries
    • Variable charger, charging large selection of batteries
    • Fantastic value for money
    • CE ROHS compliant
    • Capable to of charging batteries from no/low power
    • 2-year warranty

    *Batteries not included.