Q & A: Smokeless Cigarettes Summary

Have you heard about smokeless cigarettes?  It might sound crazy, but these products are changing the way people smoke, and for the better, too.  But, what are they and how do they work?  This article aims to clear up some of the questions you might have concerning smokeless cigarettes.

How are these cigarettes smokeless? While these products appear to emit smoke, what they actually produce is vapor.  There is no combustion, therefore no smoke.  And no odor, either.

Are these the same thing as electronic cigarettes?  Yes.  Smokeless cigarettes are known by many different names:  Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette, e-cigs, or even vapes.  Using e-cigarettes, or vapes, is sometimes referred to as e-smoking or vaping which serves to differentiate between using these products and traditional tobacco-based cigarettes.

How do these smokeless cigarettes work?  The e-cigs have a cartomiser that contain a small heating element and a reservoir for a liquid concentrate.  The heating element is powered by a rechargeable battery and when the concentrate comes into contact with the heating filament, it is vaporized so that the user can inhale it, then exhale just as they would with a tobacco cigarette.

So, what’s in the concentrate?  The concentrate is a combination of water and other elements, typically propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and polyethylene glycol – all of which have been used as food additives for many years.

What about nicotine?  The concentrate for smokeless cigarettes has different strengths of nicotine available.  Some are as strong as a typical unfiltered cigarette while others are more akin to light cigarettes.

Do smokeless cigarettes taste like tobacco cigarettes?  They can if you’d like them to!  The liquid concentrate is available in flavors intended to simulate traditional smoking, including menthol, but there are other options, too.  Some manufacturers are offering coffee, mocha, vanilla, or even fruit flavors.

Are the health risks similar to traditional cigarettes?  Not at all.  The carcinogens and other toxins found in old-fashioned cigarettes come predominantly from the burning tobacco, tar, and other elements.  When burned, these substances release not only nicotine, but their multiple harmful chemicals.  Since smokeless cigarettes don’t use tobacco, tar, or traditional combustion, they do not produce the myriad of toxins others do.  What you inhale is water and liquid nicotine vapor.

These sound expensive – are they?  No!  While a typical starter kit containing the e-cigarette components, concentrate, and chargers may cost more out of pocket than a few packs of cigarettes, they last much longer.  Comparing the per-pack cost brings the e-cigarettes in as the clear winner.  Since these are reusable, refillable, and rechargeable, the waste produced is also far less than that of other cigarette products.

Smokeless cigarettes are fast becoming the healthier way to smoke.  The convenience, cost, and greatly reduced health risks are major factors in making these products hugely popular all over the world.  As these products continue to evolve, they could easily replace traditional cigarette smoking forever.

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