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What is so special about Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have become trendy in many circles but they originally started out to be for smokers who wanted to quit and would use them as a stepping stone towards stopping.    The manufacturer’s never claimed they would help you stop smoking but it would eliminate the tar you took into your system.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes are made to simulate smoking by being shaped and modeled after a real cigarette.  The tube contains a liquid solution that is vaporized by a heating element.  Some e-cigarettes release nicotine and some just release a flavor.  There are even some models that look like cigars.  Whatever your style is you can find an e-cigarette that suits you.

When you activate the electronic cigarette you inhale through a mouthpiece that looks like a filtered tip.  The unit is battery powered.  The air flow from the pull on the cigarette activates a sensor that turns the battery powered heater on.  Once the heater is quickly ready the liquid in the cartridge is vaporized.  It is a similar process to the kind of smoke you see in theatrical productions.  The smoker feels the sensation of a puff of hot gas that is a lot like the puff of a cigarette.  When the smoker exhales you see what looks like smoke. The difference is the smoke will dissipate quickly and regular smoke lingers and floats through the air.  The smoke also has no aroma unless it is deliberately scented.  The interesting thing is the electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco or nicotine in the sense that the nicotine is synthetic.  So while smokers are getting a nicotine fix they are really getting a chemical substitute.

When the electronic cigarette has run out you do no replace the whole cigarette you simply replace the cartridge and continue on.  There are disposable cigarettes where you get rid of the entire piece.  They usually are the equivalent of 500 cigarettes but the amount varies based on manufacturer; please see the packaging for actual amounts.  The cost of the electronic cigarette is now far less that the cost of real cigarettes in the long run.  The initial investment for the device is a bit pricey but it is still less the cost of a carton of cigarettes in most cases.

The electronic cigarette has not been approved by the FDA in the United States.  Testing is ongoing but no results have been delivered to this date.  Other countries are going through their own testing and legalization of the electronic cigarette.

Overall the electronic cigarette allows people to get around the smoking ban laws in most areas because it is not a real cigarette.  Many users say it has helped them get away from the tar; some from the nicotine, and some just from the habit of needing a cigarette.  Cigarette smoking is habit forming and the electronic cigarette seems to help most smokers wean away from cigarettes slowly but there are no studies proving that it is going to absolutely help a person stop. Just a reminder the manufacturers do not make claims of that nature.  Smokers just seem to find the electronic cigarette to be a substitute that works while keeping their budgets in line.

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