Do you have a website? If so, then you can start making money with our electronic cigarette affiliate program. It is easy, quick, free and easy to join and set up! You simply link your website to our website via the affiliate program. You can then take advantage of the following:

Join E-Cig Affiliate Scheme

Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Program Advantages:

• A staggering up to 28% commission for purchases!
• Efficient and reputable service.
• Third party tracking.
• Real-Time reporting.
• Monthly commission pay-outs.

Via our electronic cigarette affiliate program you’ll be supplied with a wide selection of banner artwork and regular updates on our future marketing promotions. We will also provide you with limited time special offers that are limited to affiliates only and assist you in growing your sales.

The Future Cigarettes Affiliate Program offers transparency in that it is controlled by onsite and this ensures correct sales are tracked, and also ensures a guarantee of payment securely and always on a monthly basis.

Join E-Cig Affiliate Scheme

Recommend to your Friends & Family too!

You can also recommend us to your friends and family easily! Simply sign up at the below link and we will send you a web address link which you can then share with whoever you choose. Then anytime someone uses your link to get to our site and makes a purchase we will pay you your 28% commission! It takes 2 minutes to set up and payouts are automatically made via PayPal:

Or alternatively, simply contact us quoting ‘electronic cigarette affiliate program’.

What is an Affiliate Progam?

There are many forms of Affiliate marketing. The main one in focus at Future Cigarettes is known as referral marketing. Fundamentally we as a business, Future Cigarettes, rewards other websites, or owners of other websites who sends visitors to our website via links on their own website. Future Cigarettes pays out generous commissions to any site who successfully sends visitors to our site when those visitors then go on to make a purchase.

This type of affiliate marketing is popular as it is commonly understood to be a pay per performance model.

Why you Should Join an E-Cigarette Affiliate Program

There are many reasons to join an e-cigarette affiliate program but the ability to make some easy money is by far the most lucrative incentive. All it takes is a blog or website that attracts visitors to get started and the rest is easy profits for the affiliate. Even new blogs can begin earning some easy money promoting the increasingly popular e-cig industry, which has continued to grow at an exponential rate since they were introduced in 2008.

An e-cigarette affiliate program gives almost anyone a chance to share in the profits of selling e-cigs for a particular brand, although each brand or product will have different rates of commission and bonuses, they usually give good rates and provide high quality support so the whole process is made quick and easy. The e-cigs offer smokers a healthier alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals, just nicotine and some harmless additives to produce the vapour, which simulates smoke, and this gives smokers all of the sensations they get with a real cig, except without any side effects. That is why their popularity has grown so quickly in such a short space of time and it means an e-cigarette affiliate program is the logical choice when trying to make some easy money online.

With an e-cigarette affiliate program it’s possible to advertise a brand on your website using the marketing tools given to you so it’s just a case of pasting the code onto your blog and the more people who use that ad and make a purchase, the more money will be made. It’s fair to say that the better the webpage an advert is placed on the higher the reward, however, that shouldn’t put anyone off that has a less visited blog because they can still start earning something and hopefully their blog increases in popularity over time. There isn’t much restriction on how professional a webpage needs to be, as long as it is well maintained, but all of these factors are taken into account by the e-cigarette affiliate program marketing teams and they know better than anyone how best to market their e-cigs.

The reason there are so many e-cigarette affiliate programs around is because of the big competition in this market. That means an e-cigarette affiliate program is needed for almost all of the top e-cig sellers and any webmaster can take advantage of this lucrative industry and make some good money while they’re at it. For anyone wishing to make some easy extra cash an e-cigarette affiliate program has to be given serious consideration and it’s best to get involved sooner rather than later as the industry continues to grow and see increasing revenues as a result.

Some of the banners you can use if you join the Future Cigarettes E-Cigarette Affiliate Program:

The Best Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Campaign from Future Cigarettes

Limited Offers - Future Cigarettes E-Cig Affiliate ProgramGet Your Discount - Future Cigarettes Affiliate Campaign


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