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The Electric Cigarette (Electronic Cigarette)

The Electric Cigarette – Is it a substitute?

The electric cigarette is a product marketed as a therapeutic nicotine product that can be inhaled just like a real cigarette, and even though it isn’t supposed to be a substitute it does fit the position well. With the cost of real cigs increasing people are always looking for cheap cigarettes and this can be obtained with e cigs, which can’t be heavily taxed because they contain no tobacco, giving them more proponents.

Why are Electric Cigarettes Popular?

The electric cigarette sales are a good indication of how people are becoming more aware of their habit and e cigs offer them a practical substitute. They have a considerable advantage over other cessation products in that they allow a smoker to use the same hand motions, as well as inhale and exhale exactly as they would with a real cig, which you simply can’t do with gum or patches and even the inhalator doesn’t compare to a real cigarette. The e cig can be used as often or as little as the user wishes and it’s easy to control how much nicotine you use by choosing a different cartomiser, plus you can have 2 puffs or 5 puffs and put it away when you have had enough, with no need to stub the end out you can put it inside a pocket instantly.

Who Makes Electronic Cigarettes?

The electric cigarette industry consists primarily of renowned and established manufacturers that have years of experience with e cigs, so you know you will be buying the best quality available, which is important with a product such as nicotine since it can be dangerous in high doses. Their products are clearly labeled and easy to use, even for people new to e cigs, and the simplicity of their cartomisers makes assembling your cigs straightforward. They can release vapor which is mostly water or even come vapor-free, the choice is yours, but the vapor-free type might be the best option if planning to smoke in public.

Electric Thunderbolt for the Electric Cigarette!

The Electric Cigarettes Overall:

The electric cigarette has health and financial benefits, which will please those looking for cheap cigarettes. Being able to control how much nicotine you inhale is a huge appeal with e cigs, you can choose to inhale 1 or 10 times and you can decide how often you wish to do so, unlike patches which just release a specified dose. The electric cigarette gives the illusion of smoking but without the dangerous side effects, and helps manage the movements associated with smoking that can’t be done with patches or gum. The reason people are choosing to buy cheap cigarettes like the electric cigarette is because they know how good it is and how bad other products are.




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