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E-Smoking: Did you Know?

E-Smoking & the things you Should Know!

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about e-smoking with electronic cigarettes – that they’re the cleaner, healthier way to smoke.  But you might not know some of the other interesting facts concerning these new products so if you want to know more, this article is here to help:

  1. E-smoking or Vaping:  Using electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs) is commonly referred to as e-smoking or vaping.  E-smoking comes from the fact that it’s not a tobacco product and instead of saying, “I smoke,” you can let people know you “e-smoke” which carries none of the negative associations.  Vaping comes from the vapor the e-cig produces. The user doesn’t inhale smoke, but a vaporized liquid.  Yes, perhaps vaping is a trendier term, but it also serves to make the distinction between using e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes clear.
  2. Recharging Options:  Manufacturers have made recharging e-cigs as convenient as possible. Almost all brands are capable of using AC, USB, car outlets, or recharging packs.  The recharging packs often resemble a traditional pack of cigarettes but contain a large battery that can both hold and charge several individual e-cigs.
  3. Flavors:  That’s right – flavors!  The liquid concentrate for e-smoking comes in a wide variety of flavors, many simulating traditional tobacco or menthol, but others branch out with coffee, mocha, vanilla, or even various fruit or cocktail flavors.  These flavored e-cigs make for a totally customizable experience and flavors can be changed easily.  Not only are there flavored e-cigs, but the liquid also allows for different concentrations of nicotine, including nicotine free. This way, the user can elect to have a stronger or more mellow e-smoking experience.  This way, if a user chooses, they can gradually step down their nicotine intake while still enjoying the experience of e-smoking.
  4. Convenience:  Many models are available as refillable or disposable.  With the refillable models, you are getting a slightly more substantial product, capable of lasting a long time, and able to be refilled with any flavor desired.  The disposable models offer the convenience of coming pre-filled and ready to use with no need to worry about having extra concentrate on hand if it runs empty.  Just like a regular cigarette, when you’re done, you can recycle it.
  5. Cost-effective:  Even though getting started with e-smoking might seem like an investment, all the the components are designed to last a long time, far longer than a normal pack of cigarettes. In fact, with the taxes on cigarettes so high there is a substantial savings for users who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.  The initial investment definitely pays for itself in a very short amount of time.
  6. Popularity:  Hollywood, the land of all things trendy, has already started to embrace e-smoking. Start like Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo Di Caprio are just a few of the start opting to use e-cigarettes over old fashioned ones.

E-smoking is definitely catching on for these and so many other reasons.  If you are looking to make the switch there are many brands and models to consider, but they are all going to give you a safer, healthier, more convenient and far less offensive way to enjoy your cigarettes.

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