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The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

People are using electronic cigarettes at an ever increasing rate each year because they realize traditional tobacco cigarettes are incredibly dangerous, as well as ridiculously expensive. Real cigs contain thousands of dangerous cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens) and there isn’t any real benefit from using them other than obtaining the nicotine, which is responsible for their addictive nature. The reason so many people try smoking at a young age is to look trendy and often people don’t think about the consequences of smoking until they are addicted to them. The e-cigarettes give people an opportunity to indulge their nicotine cravings without risking exposure to dangerous chemicals found in regular cigs, such as tar and cyanide.

The thing with electronic cigarettes that is so appealing over other quit smoking products is that they allow smokers to experience the hand motions associated with smoking. This is often missed by smokers just as much as the nicotine itself so it’s a very positive benefit that can only be achieved with e-cigarettes, certainly not with a patch or nicotine gum. Another great benefit is that the electronic cigarettes have a small amount of harmless chemicals in the e-liquid that releases water vapour to simulate real smoke; this means e cig users can inhale and exhale vapour in exactly the same way as a real cig, which has a huge positive psychological effect on e-smokers. The electronic cigarettes have been designed to release nicotine to smokers and combined with the other benefits that smokers also crave it gives people a smoking alternative that is as close as it is possible to get to the real thing, with the massive benefit of being far healthier and a lot cheaper.

Electronic cigarettes are typically sold in two parts, an atomizer and battery. The disposable versions are good for new users who want to try out the e-cigarette world, but the most popular choice is a refillable e cig and after an initial purchase of the main components all that is required is the e-liquid, or cartridges. The reason the refillable e-cigarettes are preferred is because the only thing needed to reuse them is another cartridge, which is significantly cheaper than buying a disposable e cig every time. It is also about 75% cheaper than real cigarettes and since the tax on real cigs seems to increase constantly, the difference in cost between them and electronic cigarettes is likely to increase further. A normal cartridge can last for the equivalent of 30-40 cigarettes, which can equate to 3-400 puffs and once it is done it’s very simple to replace, making them easy to use for anyone.

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Electronic Cigarettes in Summary:

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is phenomenal and they practically sell themselves as more smokers know the benefits they bring over real cigs. The number of people who have tried e-cigarettes and quit smoking completely is much higher than other nicotine replacement products; despite this the e cig market chooses not to advertise their product as a nicotine substitute even though they have great potential as such.

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