E-Cigs or Tobacco Cigarettes – Which will YOU choose?

Let’s face it: Smoking cigarettes is a guilty pleasure. But e-cigarettes take the guilt out of smoking and just leave the pleasure of enjoying a cigarette. Believe it or not, e-cigs have converted hundreds of thousands of smokers around the globe, with more new e-cig users every day. And it’s not just a fad – there are very strong arguments for choosing this method of smoking over old-fashioned tobacco products.

Health Factors: There are roughly 20 known carcinogens in traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. That’s 20 ways smokers of these products are putting themselves in harm’s way whenever they light up. The kicker – nicotine, the predominant draw for smoking in the first place, has not been identified as a carcinogen. So, while people may smoke to enjoy a small dose of nicotine, they are willingly subjecting themselves to several harmful bi-products as a result.
Electronic cigarettes contain a liquid concentration of water, food additives, and liquid nicotine. Therefore, by choosing e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes, smokers are automatically eliminating those 20 carcinogenic compounds from their lives. That’s a huge health benefit that can’t be overlooked.

Environmental Factors: Did you ever walk into a smoky bar or restaurant, take a deep breath, and think to yourself how clean and fresh it smells? Didn’t think so. And these days the vast majority of public places have realized this and banned smoking in their establishment. Even other smokers admit the smell and lingering smoke fumes are unpleasant. The burning tar and ash from traditional cigarettes creates an undesirable environment that people as a whole want to avoid.
Here again, e-cigarettes provide an answer. Since there is no combustion necessary to release the nicotine, there is no smoke or ash. The liquid is heated, vaporized, and emitted as a harmless, odorless water-based “smoke” that is actually vapor. No toxic fumes, no lingering smell attached to hair, clothes, and furniture, no halitosis, raspy voice, or discolored teeth and fingers. E-cigarettes are a clean way to smoke and they allow smokers and non-smokers alike to enjoy the same spaces in comfort.

Financial Considerations: Over the past several decades, anti-smoking legislation has not only drastically affected where you can smoke, but the cost of smoking as well. Cigarettes are one of the highest taxed items and the per pack cost has skyrocketed in recent years. It can be a very expensive habit. When looking at the average e-cig starter kits the price may seem higher, when you consider how long the liquid concentrates will last in comparison with a pack of cigarettes, you are actually going to save a substantial amount of money by switching to e-cigarettes. Once you have the actual product, refilling cartridges and replacing parts as needed is far less expensive than making the daily or weekly stop to stock up on packs of tobacco cigarettes.

Clearly, there are huge benefits to making the switch to e-cigarettes: It’s healthier, safer, cleaner, and cheaper. Smoking doesn’t have to be a stigma – now that there is a better way to enjoy smoking we can all breathe a little easier.

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