Best E-Cigarette

What Makes the Best E Cigarette?

The best e cigarette (electronic cigarette) will vary from person to person but everyone should appreciate what all e cigs offer is a health benefit. Electronic Cigarettes contain nowhere near as many chemicals as real cigarettes. A real Cigarette can have up to 7000 different chemicals contained in them and many of those are cancerous. Smoking is still very popular in modern society despite the many health warnings around. Many people are much more aware of how detrimental the tobacco habit is and e cigs offer a practical alternative that many believe is as close to a healthy cigarette as one will ever get!
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Can the Best Electronic Cigarettes Replace Real Cigarettes?

The best e cigarette is often described as being designed to be a substitute to real cigs. It is so effective in this role that the differences between the two are hard to see at first. Only on closer inspection would someone notice that an electronic cigarette isn’t real. For people who have tried to quit before and failed, a premium electronic cigarette might prove a worthy purchase, despite the fact electronic cigarettes aren’t marketed as a cessation tool. An Electronic Cigarette has the ability to release smoke when you exhale. Though as it’s mostly water vapour, it means you can use e cigarettes indoors without breaking any laws. However, some countries are clamping down on e cigs to prohibit their use indoors slightly. Even the smell released from them is pleasant in comparison to regular cigarettes although this has been designed to replicate real smoking as much as possible (For certain flavours). So all in all smokers can enjoy all the benefits with very little negative qualities at all. So yes Electronic Cigarettes can replace real cigarettes.

Finding the Best E Cigarettes, Is It Easy?

E smoking is gaining plenty of proponents and the best electronic cigarette is easy to find because of competition in the growing market, with each offering different flavours and styles. Future Cigarettes has been specially designed to be top of the range and encompass all of the best qualities. People can enjoy as much or as little nicotine as they wish, made easy by cartomiser strengths and the ability to inhale a certain amount of times, unlike with regular cigs wherer you feel obligated to finish it, particularly since it costs a fortune. Once you’re finished inhaling you can store Future Cigarettes electronic cig in your pocket because it has no smoke and therefore no ash or hazardous chemicals to worry about. Furthermore, the lack of tobacco means Future Cigarettes have no tar or carcinogens.

When Looking for the Best Electronic Cigarette, are we all looking for the same thing?

The best electronic cigarette will vary depending on the persons needs but all of them have the same common characteristics, regardless of normal or premium electronic cigarettes they are both medically and financially fortuitous, though premium ones are going to have a higher standard of quality. The best e cigarettes are similar to products like nicotine gum and patches in the sense that they provide an alternative to the dangerous real cigarette market. However, unlike those the e cigarette offers a realistic alternative because the vapour simulates smoke. The cartridges have nicotine and the hand motions associated with real cigs is also felt with e cigs too. When chewing nicotine gum there is no vapour or hand motions so a smoker will still miss those parts of smoking. With patches there is no smoking similarities at all, even the inhalator doesn’t feel real compared to an e cig. Premium electronic cigarette like the ones Future Cigarettes produce are designed to be as closely related to real cigs as possible are the perfect electronic cigarette for most people.

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E-Cigarettes and Your Health

E-Cigarettes are they Healthy?

No one would debate the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes – studies have shown for decades the multiple health risks involved.  But what about the dangers of e-cigarettes – are there any? These products stand to revolutionize the way the world views smoking and the health of any smoker who chooses to switch.  Here’s a breakdown on why they are a safer alternative.

Found in cigarettes:  Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, and dozens of other toxic chemicals, commonly found in manufacturing, cleaning agents, or preservatives.  The tar also coats your lungs and prevents proper lung function leading to debilitating respiratory problems.

Found in e-cigarettes:  Nicotine, water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and polyethylene glycol.  Notice that the only common denominator between the two products is nicotine, which is itself not found to be carcinogenic in nature.  The nicotine rush is the predominant reason people smoke and continue to do so – they enjoy the sensation.  The nicotine itself raises blood pressure and gives a boost of adrenaline, but is not as we understand the substance causing the long-term health affects in tobacco cigarettes.  The other components of e-cigs are all FDA approved food additives that have been used for years.

Second-hand smoke:  Not only do traditional cigarettes pose a health risk to the smoker, they also pose a threat to the health of anyone in breathing distance of a lit cigarette.  The second-hand smoke released from the combustion of a cigarette travels far and wide and anyone in its path will be able to breathe in the same toxic chemicals the smoker chooses to inhale.  The difference?  They aren’t choosing to do so.  They are a bystander suddenly caught up in a cloud of smoke.

Second-hand vapor:  E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke, but vapor from the heated liquid concentrate containing the nicotine and other ingredients.  Because of this, the vapor produced dissipates quickly and the only lingering odor may be any flavorings added to the nicotine concentrate.

Discoloration:  The burning tar and other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes causes unsightly discoloration of fingers, fingernails, and teeth.  The yellowing effect is an immediate tell that a person is or was a smoker and these signs don’t go away quickly, even if you quit smoking.  Not to mention the loss of skin elasticity and increase of wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

Tar-Free:  Since e-cigs don’t contain tar and aren’t activated by combustion, none of these side effects occur with smokeless cigarettes.  Skin, nails, and teeth all stay healthier, and there’s no smokers’ breath either.  It is a cleaner, healthier way to enjoy a cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are still relatively new for consumers, but their popularity is skyrocketing.  There are many medical institutions currently conducting studies on any potential dangers of e-cigarettes, but so far no conclusive data has been released.  However, the immediate benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco ones can’t be denied – if you can eliminate thousands of harmful chemicals from your daily life by making one easy switch, why wouldn’t you?

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Why E-Cigarettes are the Safe Future

E-cigarettes: The Future of Smoking!

Today, driving without a seat belt seems unnecessarily reckless – after all, how hard is it to put one on?  Before long, e-cigarettes may have us saying the same in regards to using tobacco-based ones – why not use the safer, healthier alternative?  It was 1960 when car manufacturers made driver and passenger seat belts standard.  It was 1968 before it was mandated for all seats in the car.  The first legal standing on seat belt usage – 1984!  With all the thousands of lives that could be saved, we can only hope that it doesn’t take decades for people to realize how much safer e-cigarettes are when compared to tobacco-based ones.

Society has become increasingly health and environmentally conscious over the course of the past few decades, and none too soon at that.  We are realizing that processed, overly-manufactured products may not be great for our bodies – that we are subjecting ourselves to unnecessary chemicals, bi-products, and toxins on a daily basis.  Not only that, we are wasting more resources than necessary in the process, making it difficult for the planet to recuperate and continue to provide us with what we need.  Thankfully, we have realized healthier ways to eat, drink, and conduct our daily lives.  E-cigarettes are just one more way we are saying, “No,” to unhealthy practices and, “Yes,” to a better, safer way of life.

While people may have not known the extremely adverse affects of tobacco smoke when cigarettes became highly popular in the early 20th century, it wasn’t long into the 21st century that warning labels were put in bold words across every single package, alerting consumers that their habit was not just unhealthy, but deadly.  Public opinion started to turn and bans on smoking began to sprout up all across the globe.  But people still enjoy smoking.  And now, that’s ok because smokeless, vapor producing e-cigarettes don’t contain the myriad of carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.  They produce no choking smoke, no burning ash, and no waste.  They are a cleaner, greener, healthier way to smoke that won’t stain your fingers and teeth, won’t cause a lingering smoky odor around you, and won’t cause you to be ousted from public spaces or homes when you want to light up.

As a society, we are never settled with “good enough.”  If we were, we’d still be driving the Model-T.  It worked, but thankfully people didn’t stop trying to improve on what already existed, ready to make the next breakthrough and develop something that could potentially be even more life changing and consumer friendly.  It’s in our nature to continue to grow, learn, and develop new ways to make our lives better.  Technology has finally caught up to one of our oldest habits and even though they have only been on the market a few years, we are already seeing the huge benefits that come from using electronic cigarettes.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes & Why they are Important Now!

The mind-blowing growth of technology in our business, home, and social environments has forever impacted the way we work, communicate, and enjoy life.  Everything now has an “E” clone, embodying the original but in a new, better, and smarter way and now e-cigarettes are among the myriad of tech-improved items for today’s consumers.  While the concept of an electronic cigarette may sound like a fad, with the technology available these devices may forever impact the way people smoke – mainly because it isn’t actually smoking at all.  Confused?  Don’t be.  This article aims to answer the questions you may have concerning e-cigarettes.  First, a definition:

1. What are e-cigarettes?: E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are devices resembling traditional cigarettes but instead of tobacco smoke emit vapor that the user can inhale. The vapor can contain various doses of nicotine, or no nicotine at all depending on the customer’s choice. Cartridges are also available in various flavors that can simulate the experience of smoking an actual cigarette.

2. Components of E-Cigarettes: Typically e-cigarettes contain three main components:
A. Mouthpiece or Cartridge – Open at both ends, the function of this part is threefold. It serves as a reservoir for the liquid, allows the liquid to contact for atomizer through one opening, and has a mouthpiece to allow the user to inhale the vaporized liquid at the other end.
B. Atomizer – This is where the action happens. This middle section houses a small heating element that turns the liquid concentrate into a vapor or “smoke.”
C. Battery – Typically lithium-ion rechargeable in style, the battery powers the atomizer. Some models have airflow sensors that trigger the battery only when air flow is detected while others have a small switch the user holds when using the e-cigarette.

3. What’s in the liquid?: Good news – you’re not inhaling toxic tobacco smoke when using these. Better news – the liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin and sometimes polyethylene glycol. Still concerned? These substances have been widely used as additives in food and personal health care items for many years. The liquid can also contain concentrated flavors and can have varying concentrations of nicotine as desired by the customer.

4. Regulations and concerns: While e-cigarettes do not contain many of the carcinogenic elements in traditional cigarettes, they can deliver nicotine and as a result many states are legislating that e-cigarettes be sold with the same age restrictions as tobacco based ones. Health agencies are still conducting studies concerning the affects of inhaling vaporized nicotine directly into the lungs, but as of now there is nothing conclusive and significant evidence endorses the overall health benefits of the e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are a convenient way to enjoy the sensation of smoking without many of the drawbacks associated with tobacco based ones. These products are new and technology is bound to keep pushing forward in this, as in all other fields. E-cigarettes may not replace traditional smoking for everyone, but the potential benefits for not just smokers, but everyone who comes in contact with tobacco smoke, can’t be understated.

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E-Smoking: Did you Know?

E-Smoking & the things you Should Know!

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about e-smoking with electronic cigarettes – that they’re the cleaner, healthier way to smoke.  But you might not know some of the other interesting facts concerning these new products so if you want to know more, this article is here to help:

  1. E-smoking or Vaping:  Using electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs) is commonly referred to as e-smoking or vaping.  E-smoking comes from the fact that it’s not a tobacco product and instead of saying, “I smoke,” you can let people know you “e-smoke” which carries none of the negative associations.  Vaping comes from the vapor the e-cig produces. The user doesn’t inhale smoke, but a vaporized liquid.  Yes, perhaps vaping is a trendier term, but it also serves to make the distinction between using e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes clear.
  2. Recharging Options:  Manufacturers have made recharging e-cigs as convenient as possible. Almost all brands are capable of using AC, USB, car outlets, or recharging packs.  The recharging packs often resemble a traditional pack of cigarettes but contain a large battery that can both hold and charge several individual e-cigs.
  3. Flavors:  That’s right – flavors!  The liquid concentrate for e-smoking comes in a wide variety of flavors, many simulating traditional tobacco or menthol, but others branch out with coffee, mocha, vanilla, or even various fruit or cocktail flavors.  These flavored e-cigs make for a totally customizable experience and flavors can be changed easily.  Not only are there flavored e-cigs, but the liquid also allows for different concentrations of nicotine, including nicotine free. This way, the user can elect to have a stronger or more mellow e-smoking experience.  This way, if a user chooses, they can gradually step down their nicotine intake while still enjoying the experience of e-smoking.
  4. Convenience:  Many models are available as refillable or disposable.  With the refillable models, you are getting a slightly more substantial product, capable of lasting a long time, and able to be refilled with any flavor desired.  The disposable models offer the convenience of coming pre-filled and ready to use with no need to worry about having extra concentrate on hand if it runs empty.  Just like a regular cigarette, when you’re done, you can recycle it.
  5. Cost-effective:  Even though getting started with e-smoking might seem like an investment, all the the components are designed to last a long time, far longer than a normal pack of cigarettes. In fact, with the taxes on cigarettes so high there is a substantial savings for users who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.  The initial investment definitely pays for itself in a very short amount of time.
  6. Popularity:  Hollywood, the land of all things trendy, has already started to embrace e-smoking. Start like Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo Di Caprio are just a few of the start opting to use e-cigarettes over old fashioned ones.

E-smoking is definitely catching on for these and so many other reasons.  If you are looking to make the switch there are many brands and models to consider, but they are all going to give you a safer, healthier, more convenient and far less offensive way to enjoy your cigarettes.


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