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What is an Affiliate Progam?

There are many forms of Affiliate marketing. The main one in focus at Future Cigarettes is known as referral marketing. Fundamentally we as a business, Future Cigarettes, rewards other websites, or owners of other websites who sends visitors to our website via links on their own website. Future Cigarettes pays out generous commissions to any site who successfully sends visitors to our site when those visitors then go on to make a purchase.

This type of affiliate marketing is popular as it is commonly understood to be a pay per performance model.

Why you Should Join an E-Cigarette Affiliate Program

There are many reasons to join an e-cigarette affiliate program but the ability to make some easy money is by far the most lucrative incentive. All it takes is a blog or website that attracts visitors to get started and the rest is easy profits for the affiliate. Even new blogs can begin earning some easy money promoting the increasingly popular e-cig industry, which has continued to grow at an exponential rate since they were introduced in 2008.

An e-cigarette affiliate program gives almost anyone a chance to share in the profits of selling e-cigs for a particular brand, although each brand or product will have different rates of commission and bonuses, they usually give good rates and provide high quality support so the whole process is made quick and easy. The e-cigs offer smokers a healthier alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals, just nicotine and some harmless additives to produce the vapour, which simulates smoke, and this gives smokers all of the sensations they get with a real cig, except without any side effects. That is why their popularity has grown so quickly in such a short space of time and it means an e-cigarette affiliate program is the logical choice when trying to make some easy money online.

With an e-cigarette affiliate program it’s possible to advertise a brand on your website using the marketing tools given to you so it’s just a case of pasting the code onto your blog and the more people who use that ad and make a purchase, the more money will be made. It’s fair to say that the better the webpage an advert is placed on the higher the reward, however, that shouldn’t put anyone off that has a less visited blog because they can still start earning something and hopefully their blog increases in popularity over time. There isn’t much restriction on how professional a webpage needs to be, as long as it is well maintained, but all of these factors are taken into account by the e-cigarette affiliate program marketing teams and they know better than anyone how best to market their e-cigs.

The reason there are so many e-cigarette affiliate programs around is because of the big competition in this market. That means an e-cigarette affiliate program is needed for almost all of the top e-cig sellers and any webmaster can take advantage of this lucrative industry and make some good money while they’re at it. For anyone wishing to make some easy extra cash an e-cigarette affiliate program has to be given serious consideration and it’s best to get involved sooner rather than later as the industry continues to grow and see increasing revenues as a result.

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The E-Cigarette Option – A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Over the past 5-10 years, Electronic cigarettes (or E-cigarettes) have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. With E-cigarettes (sometimes called “E-cigs”), smokers are offered a great way to kick their tobacco habit; therefore eliminating exposure to tobacco smoke. In addition, Electronic cigarettes aren’t usually confined to the same legal restrictions like regular cigarettes – giving smokers a flexible substitute for smoking. Although recent efforts have been made by various groups to apply more stringent laws related to E-cigarettes, they haven’t been successful regarding complete enforcement. This will probably remain relatively unchanged although new laws are coming in! So smokers of E-cigarettes are likely to continue using this healthier alternative to tobacco use (as research suggests).

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are battery-operated tubes that are capable of releasing vaporized nicotine. The smoker is therefore able to inhale the nicotine without inhaling thousands of dangerous chemicals inhaled in tobacco smoke. Usually an E-cigarette is comprised of a mouthpiece, an atomizer (which periodically needs to be replaced) and a rechargeable battery (usually a lithium-ion). However E-cigarettes are often reusable too and equipped with cartridges (the mouthpiece) which can be refilled with or without nicotine solution. If the smoker chooses a nicotine solution, the concentration of nicotine varies from low to high. Some contain an equivalent amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette, while others have little or no nicotine at all. As the smoker inhales on the cigarette, an automatic sensor causes a heating apparatus (called an atomizer) to heat and vaporize the nicotine solution. When the smoker exhales, they blow out harmless vapors.

Benefits of the E-cigarette Alternative

For a large number of people worldwide, E-cigarettes have been a lifesaver. Many people that have elected E-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking feel they have successfully been able to stop smoking tobacco thanks to E-cigarettes. They are happy with the economic benefits as well. Since E-cigarettes are reusable, the overall savings is substantial when compared to traditional cigarettes. Users can also buy the liquid solution in large quantities, thus saving costs over the long term. With this option, users are able to simply refill their E-cigarette cartridge with solution.

A variety of liquid solution flavours is available for users to enjoy, including those that try to mimic real cigarettes. Some of the popular E-cigarette flavors available to consumers include menthol, chocolate, various tobacco flavors and even a number of candy and fruit flavors. Some manufacturers have also begun producing vegetable based liquid solutions as a newer alternative.

The general public can also feel happier about E-cigarettes versus traditional smoking. With E-cigarettes, there are no matches or lighters required; and since there is no burning involved – and subsequently no smoke produced in the “smoking” process – E-cigarettes are entirely odorless. Another benefit is the ease of purchase involved. E-cigarettes and their components can also be purchased online, making them very easy to buy without hassle or long lines in the store.

While the FDA is pushing for even tighter restrictions on E-cigarettes, they have thus far been unsuccessful. In fact, the FDA was sued by several E-cigarette manufacturers. Therefore, proposed regulatory restrictions have yet to put a damper on the E-cigarette industry in most countries throughout the world.

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The Electric Cigarette (Electronic Cigarette)

The Electric Cigarette – Is it a substitute?

The electric cigarette is a product marketed as a therapeutic nicotine product that can be inhaled just like a real cigarette, and even though it isn’t supposed to be a substitute it does fit the position well. With the cost of real cigs increasing people are always looking for cheap cigarettes and this can be obtained with e cigs, which can’t be heavily taxed because they contain no tobacco, giving them more proponents.

Why are Electric Cigarettes Popular?

The electric cigarette sales are a good indication of how people are becoming more aware of their habit and e cigs offer them a practical substitute. They have a considerable advantage over other cessation products in that they allow a smoker to use the same hand motions, as well as inhale and exhale exactly as they would with a real cig, which you simply can’t do with gum or patches and even the inhalator doesn’t compare to a real cigarette. The e cig can be used as often or as little as the user wishes and it’s easy to control how much nicotine you use by choosing a different cartomiser, plus you can have 2 puffs or 5 puffs and put it away when you have had enough, with no need to stub the end out you can put it inside a pocket instantly.

Who Makes Electronic Cigarettes?

The electric cigarette industry consists primarily of renowned and established manufacturers that have years of experience with e cigs, so you know you will be buying the best quality available, which is important with a product such as nicotine since it can be dangerous in high doses. Their products are clearly labeled and easy to use, even for people new to e cigs, and the simplicity of their cartomisers makes assembling your cigs straightforward. They can release vapor which is mostly water or even come vapor-free, the choice is yours, but the vapor-free type might be the best option if planning to smoke in public.

Electric Thunderbolt for the Electric Cigarette!

The Electric Cigarettes Overall:

The electric cigarette has health and financial benefits, which will please those looking for cheap cigarettes. Being able to control how much nicotine you inhale is a huge appeal with e cigs, you can choose to inhale 1 or 10 times and you can decide how often you wish to do so, unlike patches which just release a specified dose. The electric cigarette gives the illusion of smoking but without the dangerous side effects, and helps manage the movements associated with smoking that can’t be done with patches or gum. The reason people are choosing to buy cheap cigarettes like the electric cigarette is because they know how good it is and how bad other products are.




Electronic Cigarette

What is so special about Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have become trendy in many circles but they originally started out to be for smokers who wanted to quit and would use them as a stepping stone towards stopping.    The manufacturer’s never claimed they would help you stop smoking but it would eliminate the tar you took into your system.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes are made to simulate smoking by being shaped and modeled after a real cigarette.  The tube contains a liquid solution that is vaporized by a heating element.  Some e-cigarettes release nicotine and some just release a flavor.  There are even some models that look like cigars.  Whatever your style is you can find an e-cigarette that suits you.

When you activate the electronic cigarette you inhale through a mouthpiece that looks like a filtered tip.  The unit is battery powered.  The air flow from the pull on the cigarette activates a sensor that turns the battery powered heater on.  Once the heater is quickly ready the liquid in the cartridge is vaporized.  It is a similar process to the kind of smoke you see in theatrical productions.  The smoker feels the sensation of a puff of hot gas that is a lot like the puff of a cigarette.  When the smoker exhales you see what looks like smoke. The difference is the smoke will dissipate quickly and regular smoke lingers and floats through the air.  The smoke also has no aroma unless it is deliberately scented.  The interesting thing is the electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco or nicotine in the sense that the nicotine is synthetic.  So while smokers are getting a nicotine fix they are really getting a chemical substitute.

When the electronic cigarette has run out you do no replace the whole cigarette you simply replace the cartridge and continue on.  There are disposable cigarettes where you get rid of the entire piece.  They usually are the equivalent of 500 cigarettes but the amount varies based on manufacturer; please see the packaging for actual amounts.  The cost of the electronic cigarette is now far less that the cost of real cigarettes in the long run.  The initial investment for the device is a bit pricey but it is still less the cost of a carton of cigarettes in most cases.

The electronic cigarette has not been approved by the FDA in the United States.  Testing is ongoing but no results have been delivered to this date.  Other countries are going through their own testing and legalization of the electronic cigarette.

Overall the electronic cigarette allows people to get around the smoking ban laws in most areas because it is not a real cigarette.  Many users say it has helped them get away from the tar; some from the nicotine, and some just from the habit of needing a cigarette.  Cigarette smoking is habit forming and the electronic cigarette seems to help most smokers wean away from cigarettes slowly but there are no studies proving that it is going to absolutely help a person stop. Just a reminder the manufacturers do not make claims of that nature.  Smokers just seem to find the electronic cigarette to be a substitute that works while keeping their budgets in line.

Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

The Warnings on Tobacco in the Media – Are E-Cigarettes the Answer:

Caution: Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health.
Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health.
SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

None of these warnings are found on the packaging for e-cigarettes. Every pack of tobacco-based products contains either the above, or another alarming message. Some simply state: Smoking kills.
And it does. However, new advancements have brought about the development of electronic cigarettes that mimic traditional products without the carcinogenic properties found in tobacco and for many, these new e-cigarettes could be a healthier way to enjoy the sensation of smoking.

Many people, well-aware of the risk, choose to smoke tobacco based products – like cigarettes, pipes, and cigars – and continue to do so despite the warnings and risks. Beyond the immediate danger of inhaling toxic smoke into their lungs, smokers have been banished from almost any public place due to the second-hand smoke to which others in their immediate vicinity are subjected. E-cigarettes provide a “cleaner” way to smoke in that there is no combustion, resulting in no smoke. The substance released from the e-cigarette is a liquid-based vapor that users inhale just as they would a cigarette but without emitting the fumes everyone despises. Now, with e-cigarettes, smokers can enjoy the pleasure of a cigarette without the risk of offending others.

Aside from the cleaner vapor, electronic cigarettes will not lead to discoloration the way traditional cigarettes can. Typically smokers suffer from a yellowing of the fingers, nails, and teeth due to the tar and other components that comprise old-fashioned cigarettes. Repeatedly inhaling smoke from burned tobacco can also cause permanent damage to the vocal cords. Decreased lung capacity, numerous heart issues – none of these have been found to be present when using e-cigarettes. The worst part of smoking, the actual smoke and burning elements, is eliminated. Therefore, while studies are still being conducted on how these new inventions may affect the body, they clearly pose far fewer health risks than using tobacco-based products.

And don’t forget the sagging skin, infertility, halitosis, gum disease, shortness of breath, and risk of blindness that comes with typical cigarettes and not with electronic ones. While users of e-cigarettes may opt to use a liquid concentrate that contains nicotine, many have only a flavor and are nicotine free. The main ingredients in any of the electronic cigarette vapor concentrate are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, and sometimes polyethylene glycol – all of which have been used for years as additives in food and personal hygiene products.

There will, undoubtedly, be many studies conducted as to the potential health risks of e-cigarettes, as there are with any new product for human consumption. Regardless of the eventual findings, it goes without saying that by eliminating the major carcinogenic elements in cigarettes, electronic cigarettes provide a cleaner, safer, healthier way for smokers to enjoy cigarettes and for those around them to enjoy their company.


The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

People are using electronic cigarettes at an ever increasing rate each year because they realize traditional tobacco cigarettes are incredibly dangerous, as well as ridiculously expensive. Real cigs contain thousands of dangerous cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens) and there isn’t any real benefit from using them other than obtaining the nicotine, which is responsible for their addictive nature. The reason so many people try smoking at a young age is to look trendy and often people don’t think about the consequences of smoking until they are addicted to them. The e-cigarettes give people an opportunity to indulge their nicotine cravings without risking exposure to dangerous chemicals found in regular cigs, such as tar and cyanide.

The thing with electronic cigarettes that is so appealing over other quit smoking products is that they allow smokers to experience the hand motions associated with smoking. This is often missed by smokers just as much as the nicotine itself so it’s a very positive benefit that can only be achieved with e-cigarettes, certainly not with a patch or nicotine gum. Another great benefit is that the electronic cigarettes have a small amount of harmless chemicals in the e-liquid that releases water vapour to simulate real smoke; this means e cig users can inhale and exhale vapour in exactly the same way as a real cig, which has a huge positive psychological effect on e-smokers. The electronic cigarettes have been designed to release nicotine to smokers and combined with the other benefits that smokers also crave it gives people a smoking alternative that is as close as it is possible to get to the real thing, with the massive benefit of being far healthier and a lot cheaper.

Electronic cigarettes are typically sold in two parts, an atomizer and battery. The disposable versions are good for new users who want to try out the e-cigarette world, but the most popular choice is a refillable e cig and after an initial purchase of the main components all that is required is the e-liquid, or cartridges. The reason the refillable e-cigarettes are preferred is because the only thing needed to reuse them is another cartridge, which is significantly cheaper than buying a disposable e cig every time. It is also about 75% cheaper than real cigarettes and since the tax on real cigs seems to increase constantly, the difference in cost between them and electronic cigarettes is likely to increase further. A normal cartridge can last for the equivalent of 30-40 cigarettes, which can equate to 3-400 puffs and once it is done it’s very simple to replace, making them easy to use for anyone.

Electronic Cigarettes from Future Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes in Summary:

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is phenomenal and they practically sell themselves as more smokers know the benefits they bring over real cigs. The number of people who have tried e-cigarettes and quit smoking completely is much higher than other nicotine replacement products; despite this the e cig market chooses not to advertise their product as a nicotine substitute even though they have great potential as such.

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